Wedding Suits

A wedding suit
isn’t just a suit. Of course it should have style and class. For wedding suits or the suits    ”learn more”
of merriage witnesses, The Nobleman is now one of the first places. This is not only due to the fact that we use exquisite fabrics such as wool, cashmere or mohair, we also attach great importance to detailed advice and affordable prices. Put together your personal and unique wedding suit from more than 1000 outer fabrics, more than 300 lining fabrics and many possible suit styles. At your home or office we take our time to find with you what you feel comfortable with.
Morning coat, tuxedo or festive suit? The agony of choice.
Whether a wedding suit can be used exclusively for the wedding or even later for business is often a question of your personal style or a matter of budget.   ”learn more”
The classic suit

If you decide in the choice of your wedding suit for a classic men’s suit, you have, if the fabric selection is not too much on shine and mica, the option to wear the suit even for business or other occasions. That makes sense when the budget does not allow anything else. Therefore, if you want to talk about economy on the best day in your life, this is the most common type of suit you choose for weddings.

The morning coat as wedding suit If you want to celebrate your wedding with style and effort, then the Morning Coat is the wedding special. The Morning Coat is short at the front, so open in the lap, and cut knee length at the back. One often wears a vest in contrasting color with a matching plastron or a bow tie. The Morning Coat as a groom suit is usually light gray and in this color reserved exclusively for the groom and bride father. As a guest you can wear the Morning Coat but in a black and gray combination. Black jacket and grey trousers. However, one should pay attention in advance which color the groom prefers. If the groom or the bride’s father wears black gray, it is a faux pas to wear a Morning Coat as a guest. Llight gray as a cutaway is never an option for a wedding guest. If you wear black gray striped trousers for the black Morning Coat, this is called a Stresemann suit. Named after the German Empire Chancellor Gustav Stresemann.

But: The Morning Coat, as the name suggests, should only be worn in the morning for church and in the afternoon reception. Following the etiquette, the Morning Coat should strictly be replaced after 5pm by a tuxedo or dinner jacket. But it is now often common to wear the Morning Coat even in the evening.

The tuxedo or dinner jacket The tuxedo has become an all-rounder as a wedding suit. Initially, the tuxedo, also called dinner jacket, was a pure evening suit. Meanwhile, at weddings, the tuxedo is a popular suit worn all day long. Either as a jacket with shawl collar or a peak lapel, but always with satin trim on lapel and buttons. The tuxedo pants should have a satin stripe on the side seam. However, dark blue or black pants are ALWAYS worn with a white dinner jacket.

Our top offer
Buy groomsmen and father of the bride, or other members of your wedding party, at least five men´s suits or women´s pantsuits together,
the complete wedding suit for the groom is our free wedding present.

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