Our top offers

bespoke suits at affordable prices

Classic Collection

  • 1 bespoke suit
    650 €
  • 1 pair of extra trousers
    199 €
    You save 30 € with the 2. pair of trousers

Shirts Collection

  • 1 bespoke shirt
    129 €
  • 3 bespoke shirts
    297 €
  • 5 bespoke shirts
    475 €
    Please note, if only shirts are ordered in Home & Office Service, 5 shirts must be ordered as a minimum.

Package Prices

  • 2 bespoke suits
    1895 €
    each with extra trousers + 2 bespoke shirts
    You save 141 €
  • 3 bespoke suits
    2844 €
    each with extra trousers + 3 bespoke shirts
    You save 210 €

Exclusive Collection

  • 1 bespoke suit
    765 €
  • 1 pair of extra trousers
    245 €
    You save 45 € with the 2. pair of trousers

Winter Coats Collection

  • 1 wintercoat
    525 €
    100% pure new wool
  • 1 wintercoat
    565 €
    95 % pure new wool/5 % cashmere
  • 1 wintercoat
    1765 €
    100 % cashmere

Company Offers

  • Ask about our special company offers. From 10 participants per company we offer special company discounts on our suits.

Get free suits. We dress you for free   ”learn more”

In the course of our “customer advertises customer” offer – we dress you for free. You are already a customer or would like to become a customer? You like our quality and our service? Then you are right here!
Recommend us and you will receive a tailored shirt for free for every suit, which is sold due to your recommendation.
For 5 suits sold based on your recommendation, you will receive
a tailored suit for free
or for 5 shirts a shirt for free
or for 5 trousers one trouser for free
or for 5 winter coats a winter coat free, etc.
No matter who, whether individual or many different people and no matter how much the person buys, the decisive factor is the total amount. If the people of your recommendations buy 5 pieces of a product (e.g. suits), you will get the same product for free.
Of course in the usual quality and bespoke.
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