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Time is money. We know that and therefore we offer you this special service. Spend your spare time with your family and not with finding a parking space and shopping. Make an appointment and I’ll come to your office or home. At regular intervals, custom tours take place in the USA, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On these dates, I present you fabrics and your options for suit design. When it is clear what the suit should look like, I will measure you completely. In addition to the usual body measurements, the inclination and posture of the shoulders are measured. When everything is recorded and all questions are answered, you can conveniently pay with EC or credit card. After about 6 weeks your suit will be delivered free to your home. The customs and import formalities are done by us within the EU **, so there are no additional costs for the delivery.

The most convenient way to shop and get exactly what you are looking for.

**does not apply to Switzerland and non EU countries and USA
When it comes to tailor-made suits, you often hear the term made to measure. What is the difference between made to measure clothing and a REAL tailored suit? First and foremost in the production process. For made to measure products, pre-fabricated cuts are only adapted to your body dimensions. As a rule, so called test jackets are used. For this purpose, an existing jacket, which serves as zero measurement, is provided with the plus or minus dimensions of the customer. So the existing measure, referring to the slipper jacket, is changed. With this data, the existing dimensions of the test jacket are adapted to your body measurements.
With REAL tailored suits, all cuts are made exclusively to your personal measurements. In addition to the exact body measurements, the inclination and posture of the shoulders are also measured. Thus, for example the wrinkles in the chest area, which can sometimes arise due to posture and shoulder tilt, are already eliminated. This is not done when you have made to measure. Another advantage of a true tailor-made suit is that stated prices are always final prices. For example, the allegedly favorable starting price for made to measure can very quickly become twice as expensive. Because of working with prefabricated parts, every change means additional costs. This is completely irrelevant in real tailored suits, since each part must anyway be made individually and it is also irrelevant which thread color is taken. Our price differences arise only through the different fabric prices.
All our garments are made with attention to detail and exclusively to your body measurements. This has, compared to made to measure suits, a serious advantage, because the style you put together fits exactly to your proportions. For this purpose, every single garment in our factory is cut with state-of-the-art CAD cutters and the cuts are saved. So we can always offer the same fit for reordering.
Should your measurements change, we will of course check this at the next appointment and change this in the order parameters.
Once your tailored suit has been adjusted, we always guarantee the perfect fit.
After completion, each bespoke suit is carefully checked to meet your high standards.
Forget everything you knew about customized suits up to now. Made to measure was yesterday. We offer REAL tailored suits in a high tech manufacturing that guarantees a 100% fit. Here you can see the production process how your suit is created. Computer-controlled cutting robots cut each part exactly with laser technology according to the dimensions. Each production part receives a barcode containing the data for the sewing machines. In this way, we can always guarantee the exact fit, even with repeat orders. Should your dimensions change, we generally check this at every new appointment. So the new dimension can be changed very easily in the parameters of the cutting data. Therefore a complete measurement is only necessary for the first order. For all the following suits you only have to decide which fabric and execution you prefer and you always get the same, perfect fit.

You cannot get a perfectly fitting suit easier.

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We are a full-service custom tailoring and provide a complete wardrobe planning service to meet your professional, business and social needs.
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