Stylish through the cold season
The winter coat – The garment for the style-conscious gentleman   ”learn more”
Of course, we, from The Nobleman, also make tailored winter coats, which convince with excellent workmanship and excellent fit. With our Home & Office Service, we are happy to advise you on the ideal model for you at home or in your office and show you our high-quality and versatile choice of fabrics such as wool, cashmere or alpaca, as well as the limitless possibilities of adaptation with sophisticated details. A selection of more than 100 outer fabrics and about 300 lining materials or an embroidered monogram are self-evident little things for us that give your unique an extra charm. Of course, without extra charge.
We offer a wide range of colors and fabrics. From pure new wool over alpaca up to 100% cashmere fabrics are available in every price range. Mantelstoffe
As with the tailor-made suits, we also offer a large selection of lining materials for custom-made men’s coats. Choose from over 300 linings the fabric that makes your coat unique. Futterstoffe
Even with a custom-made men’s coat, you are completely free in your choice of design concerning the decision of the attributes. Among others there is a variety of possibilities for designing the collar and the lapel. In addition to the different collar and lapel shapes, contrast colors of collar and lapel are also possible in all fabric colors.
The lapel width depends – as with the men’s jacket – both on the personal taste and on the current trend. So even with a winter coat, lapel widths up to 5.5″ are possible.
Even with a winter coat made to measure, there is a variety of options for the button placket. One differentiates also with the coat between single-row or double-breasted. While the most common variant of a suit is the single row placket, in contrast the design of a winter coat is very different and also very much dependent on the user. Double-breasted winter coats are often chosen for use during extended outdoor stays. The double flashover of the button placket gives an additional warming effect here.
As with the tailor-made suit, there are also various shoulder styles in a winter coat. In addition to the standard shoulder, there is also the very soft Neapolitan shoulder as well as the casual and the shoulder shape with “Rope effect”.
An overcoat is a jacket and therefore it also gets coat pockets. However, some of the coat pockets differ from those of the suit jackets. For a coat, the functionality is very important. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, the variant of the side pockets is very useful. If it’s cold, we always like to put our hands in the warm overcoat pockets.
Of course, even with a bespoke winter coat the sleeve buttons are provided with real buttonholes. Depending on your request there is also the possibility of epaulettes on the sleeves.
Even the inner overcoat pockets of your winter coat can be customized according to customer requirements. Especially with jacket pockets, it makes sense to use e.g. zippers for the inside pockets. You need more space? Then we just make an extra inner pocket. There are hardly any limits for your ideas.
The classic winter coat usually has a walking slit in the back. But the design of a tailored winter coat allows many more options. In addition to other slit variants there is also the possibility of different types of back belts.
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