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The advantage of a real bespoke suit is, that you can decide freely how to design it. While in customized ready-made clothing the lapel and collar shapes are generally largely predetermined, a tailor-made suit offers a variety of choices for collar and the lapel. In addition to lots of collar and lapel shapes, contrast colors of collar and lapel in all fabric colors or satin are possible. Click on the picture below and see our choices.

The lapel width of a men’s suit is dependent on personal taste and always a little on the current trend. Currently, the younger suit wearers tend to make the lapels a little narrower. 2.25″ till 2.75″ are the most requested width here. However, if someone chooses, for example, a “peak lapel”, so widths up to 4.75″ are possible. In a real tailor-made suit that can be made exactly according to customer requirements.

In the shops of the men’s outfitters you generally find the variant with two or three buttons in the front, but there are a lot of more possibilities. Basically, one differentiates between a single-row or double-breasted suit. The most common variant of a business suit is undoubtedly the single-breasted men’s suit with two front buttons, followed by three front buttons. The double-breasted men’s suit is asked even less frequently. This often has the reason of convenience, because you can wear a single-breasted suit with open buttons, whereas the double-breasted men’s suit remains closed even when sitting.
Even more accents than with the choice of the button style can be set with the pocket choice of the suit. Again, in the usual menswear you will find only one variant of front pockets. In contrast, the real bespoke suit offers a very large selection of possibilities for suit pockets. In addition to the horizontal pockets you can attach one or two additional ticket pockets. You can put on pockets sporty, or minimize them with a piping in the view. The possibilities seem unlimited.
The usual men’s suit has a complete lining that extends from the neck over the back and the front to the hem. With a tailored suit it is possible to make the lining according to your wishes, for example as a light summer suit just over the shoulders or as a half lining covering the back and many more variations. Of course, this is possible in all offered lining colors.
Of course, the experienced tailor-made wearer knows that you cannot just make one shoulder style in a men’s suit. In addition to the standard shoulder, the very soft Neapolitan shoulder or the casual shoulder will most likely be a term for most suit wearers. Other shoulder styles are the natural shoulder that drops off fluently or the shoulder with a “rope effect” in which a circumferential cord is incorporated into the shoulder.
Of course you can not only equip a men’s suit with the obvious. The interior, especially the inside pockets can be adapted to the needs of the wearer in a variety of ways. In addition to the 4 standard inside pockets of our tailored suits, we offer a selection of special pockets such as cell phone pockets or zippered inner pockets and much more.

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Each tailored suit is equipped with the following attributes:
For our men´s suits or trouser suits as well as women´s costumes we have a total of over 1000 outer fabrics mainly from pure new wool in our assortment. Around 350 colors are included in our basic fabrics and provide an affordable entry into the world of tailor-made suits.Fabrics
A bespoke suit offers not only an excellent fit but also the opportunity to develop yourself creatively. An excellent feature for this is the lining. Since you can see it only when putting on and taking off, you can let your creativity run wild.

New! We produce lining materials according to your personal picture templates.

Whether private photos or company logos, we manufacture each lining, for a small additional charge, according to your wishes.

If you want to stand out from the whole “uniformity” of all the products off the rack, a free button selection offers the best opportunity. In addition to an elegant or upbeat tailor’s edge in a contrasting color, the suit buttons are also an attribute with which you can give your suit a special touch. Everything together makes a personal unique.2018-Anzugknoepfe
A sign for a customized suit are real and functionable sleeve buttons. Often this attribute is highlighted with a colored last buttonhole that should always remain open on a tailored suit.
Are you tired of your shirt slipping out of the pants with every movement? Our anti-slip grippers which we process in the waistband will prevent this. The pants are perfect and the shirt stays where it should be, in the pants.
Of course, your valuable trousers get a so-called heelguard tape. This is to prevent the trousers from being worn away at the hem. So the fabric will not be damaged.
We can embroider any of your tailored suits with your personal text, name or whatever you wish on the inside above the inside pocket on the fabric tongue.

Of course this is, like all of our attributes, available at no extra charge.

All of our men’s suits are compulsory with a reinforcing fabric tongue around the inside pocket. This has the advantage that the inner pockets do not tear. This attribute can also be changed if desired. Of course, also without extra charge.
An important attribute we generally use in our men’s suits are the welding pads made of suit fabric. Since wool has the property of hardly absorbing odor molecules your suit absorbs very little smell on hot days. Hanging out overnight, your suit will be fresh as ever the next morning.

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All of your selection criteria are free and do not increase the basic price of the suit.
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