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It is not easy for a fashion conscious man already for about 300 years. Because at that time, the shirt made its way from underwear to outerwear. ”learn more”
Since the middle of the 18th century the shirt has been a status symbol for its wearer. When you wore a shirt, you were automatically recognized as a member of the upper class. The shirt became a distinguishing feature of status and style. So set personal and refined accents. We offer high-quality workmanship and a perfect fit: tailored shirts from The Nobleman meet the highest demands. Make your personal choice of approx. 400 colors of high quality cotton fabrics. Concerning your good taste and your personal ideas for style and execution, there are only a few limits. We advise you in detail, but only you make the decision. Choose between many different cuffs, pockets and collar shapes and the matching buttons for your desired shirt.
A men’s shirt is not just a shirt. In addition to countless selection attributes that make up a shirt, you can choose from approx. 430 fabrics and patterns. Most of our fabrics are 100% Egyptian cotton. Hemdstoffe
The shirt collar is one of the most important parts of a men’s shirt. In our shirts offer you can choose from 27 different collar shapes. No matter whether button down, shark collar or flap collar for your tuxedo. We manufacture your collar as you wish.
The button-facing of a shirt is probably the first thing you notice. Our selection offers everything from a placket front over the fine French design to the concealed button placket, attributes, which are important for an exclusive shirt. In addition, of course, all the shirt fronts are also available for tuxedo, morning coat or tail coat. Our tuxedo shirts are offered with 4 different pleat layers.
An advantage of custom-made shirts is that you get an incredible range of options to make your personal shirt. So we offer a selection of over 35 different cuffs for our shirts to make your personal shirt.
Whether your bespoke shirt gets a shirt pocket or not, you decide all alone. If you have the desire of a pocket, we offer 12 different bag shapes. Whether left, right or both sides does not matter. Should it be a uniform shirt, then our shirt pockets can also get flaps and shoulder epaulets.
In the back your tailored shirt is made according to your wishes, too. We offer 6 different movement pleats and different yoke styles. So that your shirt fits every movement.
How do you wear your shirt? The business shirt is a clear thing, because it is usually worn in the pants. Here it makes sense to tailor the shirt bottom straight, so that the shirt stays neat in the pants. For a casual shirt, this question is more relevant. When a casual shirt is worn outside the pants, it should get a rounded bottom because of the good look. This shirt will also be a bit shorter than a shirt worn in the pants.
As a tailored shirt, a shirt is only really perceived when you design a style that you cannot get off the rack. Especially contrasting colors are a way to make a very personal shirt. Collar, cuffs or button plackets can be outfitted with any fabric in our collection as a contrasting color.
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